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Hi ... I love young, slim, smooth twinkie boys ... check out my photos ... if you like what you see please feel free to get in touch ... up for a chat anytime ... peace, love and freedom. xxx

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I'm into shorts and speedos, piss and horny hot teens and even younger. Hmu if you want to chat xx

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Come chat with me and watch me jerk my big dick

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I would like to introduce myself. I am 39, to be 40 in two days, bisexual and versatile. I am what a lot of the "norms" would classify as a sexual deviant. No I am not a pedophile, or rapist. I am an ex-convict, drug user, and all around bad influence. However, I am also the nicest, and most loyal person you may call friend.
I would like to expand my mind and body and being in any way to enhance myself. At the same time help others by sharing my experience up to this point.
Like I mentioned. I am bisexual. Most gays don't accept me as gay, and straights will not accept me as straight. I don't have a favorite. I neither lean more towards men than women or vice-versa when it comes to sexual attraction. I have been married to a woman and have three adult children, as well as engaged to a man I was to call my husband.
I live in the city of Denver, Colorado. Have a love for Colorado and a hate as well. Finding a balance is a part of my
I would like to add to this as I go and experience this site.
Feel free to message me or ask here any questions you may have.

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Ищите меня в тумбр мой блог blog-boys!!!

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